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Country: Uganda // Subject: General


Quizzes about Uganda

Multiple-choice and short answer questions.


Country: Uganda /// Subject: Society/Culture

(1) Number of ethnic groups:

a) about 80
b) about 120
c) about 20
(2) What are the ubiquitous multi-coloured women's wrap-around cloths called?

a) konga/chitenge
b) kinga/kitenga
c) kanga/kitenge
(3) What are "matoke"?

a) cooked unripe bananas
b) barbecued cassava
c) roasted sweet potatoes
(4) Religions:

a) about 90% Christians, 5% Muslims, etc.
b) about 30% Christians, 30% Muslims, etc.
c) about 66% Christians, 16% Muslims, etc.
(5) Lingua francas:

a) English, Swahili, Luganda, ...
b) English, Luganda, French
c) English only
(6) What do people mostly do at parties?

a) talking/chatting
b) dancing
c) sitting
(7) Leisure activities in urban areas:

a) going for a walk, cycling, ...
b) visiting people, watching TV, ...
c) sleeping, eating, ...
(8) Leisure activities in rural areas:

a) cultivating, watching TV, ...
b) harvesting millet, ...
c) going for a walk, visiting people, ...
(9) What do urban folks prepare for banquets, parties?

a) "matoke" with meat
b) "ugali" with beans
c) cassava with beans

Country: Uganda /// Subject: Geography

(1) Area in square km:

a) approx. 326,000
b) approx. 236,000
c) approx. 493,000
(2) The international airport is in:

a) Kampala
b) Jinja
c) Entebbe
(3) Neighbouring countries:

a) Kenya, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda
b) DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda
c) Tanzania, DR Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda
(4) Temperatures (in degrees Celsius):

a) 27 to 40 degrees
b) 18 to 28 degrees
c) 22 to 23 degrees
(5) Longest/Largest river:

a) River Nile
b) River Ruwenzori
c) River Kyoga
(6) Mountain range to the west:

a) Kyoga
b) Ruwenzori
c) Victoria
(7) Lake to the north of Kampala:

a) Lake Kyoga
b) Lake Soroti
c) Lake Mbale
(8) Main exports:

a) diamonds, coffee, cocoa, ...
b) coffee, tea, fish, gold, ...
c) coal, maize, sisal, millet, ...
(9) Railways:

a) approx. 1,200 km
b) approx. 3,270 km
c) approx. 870 km

Country: Uganda /// Subject: History

(1) When did Uganda gain independence?

a) on October 9, 1962
b) on September 10, 1962
c) on November 9, 1962
(2) When did President Museveni take power?

a) in 1986
b) in 1976
c) in 1996
(3) Who was the first president?

a) Idi Amin
b) Yoweri Museveni
c) Milton Obote
(4) What is the Baganda king called?

a) Bakaba
b) Kabaka
c) Kibaka
(5) When did Tanzania invade Uganda?

a) in 1976/1977
b) in 1988/1989
c) in 1978/1979
(6) Idi Amin was in power for:

a) about 7 years
b) about 10 years
c) about 5 years
(7) When and where did the conference to divide Africa take place?

a) in 1894 in Berlin
b) in 1884 in London
c) in 1884 in Berlin
(8) What happened in 1972?

a) many Indians were killed
b) many Indians were deported
c) Milton Obote became president
(9) How did Mr Museveni accede to power the first time?

a) He was elected democratically.
b) His movement won a war.
c) He was appointed by the king of Buganda.