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Country: Rwanda // Subject: General


Quizzes about Rwanda

Multiple-choice and short answer questions.


Country: Rwanda /// Subject: Society/Culture

(1) How many ethnic groups are there?

a) 2
b) 3
c) 5
(2) What are the ubiquitous multi-coloured women's wrap-around cloths called?

a) chitenge
b) kitenga
c) igitenge
(3) What do urban folks prepare for banquets?

a) bananas with peas
b) potatoes with beans/meat
c) cassava with beans
(4) Religions:

a) approx. 25% Christians, 50% Muslims, etc.
b) approx. 40% Christians, 30% Muslims, etc.
c) more than 85% Christians, 1-2% Muslims, etc.
(5) Lingua francas:

a) Kinyarwanda, English, French, Swahili, ...
b) English, Luganda, French
c) English only
(6) What do people mostly do at parties?

a) talking/chatting
b) dancing
c) sitting
(7) Leisure activities in urban areas:

a) going for a walk, cycling, ...
b) visiting people, watching TV, ...
c) sleeping, eating, ...
(8) Leisure activities in rural areas:

a) cultivating, watching TV, ...
b) harvesting millet, ...
c) going for a walk, visiting people, ...
(9) What are most Rwandans unable to do?

a) to swim
b) to dance
c) to run

Country: Rwanda /// Subject: Geography

(1) Area in square km:

a) approx. 19, 000
b) approx. 52, 000
c) approx. 26, 000
(2) Highest mountain:

a) Virunga
b) Akagera
c) Karisimbi
(3) Neighbouring countries:

a) Uganda, DR Congo, Kenya, Burundi
b) DR Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda
c) Sudan, DR Congo, Kenya, Uganda
(4) Temperatures (in degrees Celsius):

a) 27 to 40 degrees
b) 15 to 20 degrees
c) 24 to 27 degrees
(5) Number of provinces:

a) 5
b) 8
c) 3
(6) What are the provinces called?

a) Kivu, Butare, Gitarama, Gisenyi, Kigali
b) North, South, East, West, Kigali
c) Kigali, Tanganyika, North, East, West
(7) Which towns are located on the Congolese border?

a) Butare, Gitega
b) Gisenyi, Cyangugu
c) Ngozi, Gitarama
(8) The largest national park is:

a) Akagera
b) Gitarama
c) Butare
(9) Rainy season:

a) January-June
b) January-March and July-November
c) March-May and October-November

Country: Rwanda /// Subject: History

(1) When was the genocide perpetrated?

a) in 1992
b) in 1994
c) in 1995
(2) Who was the first president?

a) Kayibanda
b) Kagame
c) Micombero
(3) What was German East Africa?

a) Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya
b) Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi
c) Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi
(4) Where is the UN Tribunal for Rwanda located?

a) in Kigali, Rwanda
b) in Bujumbura, Burundi
c) in Arusha, Tanzania
(5) When did Rwanda become part of German East Africa?

a) in 1914
b) in 1888
c) in 1895
(6) When did Paul Kagame become president?

a) in 1996
b) in 2000
c) in 2001
(7) Who was President Kagame's predecessor?

a) Rwigyema
b) Bizimungu
c) Karahetu
(8) When did the Tutsi exodus take place?

a) in 2002
b) in 2001
c) in 1959
(9) Which colonial power replaced the Germans?

a) Belgium
b) France
c) Holland