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Country: Kenya // Subject: General

Quizzes about Kenya

Multiple-choice and short answer questions.


Country: Kenya /// Subject: Tourism

(1) What is the largest national park called?

a) Tsavo
b) Gombe
c) Serengeti
(2) Which is the highest mountain in Kenya?

a) Mount Kilimanjaro
b) Mount Meru
c) Mount Kenya
(3) Do Americans require a visa to enter Kenya?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Sometimes
(4) Can you obtain a visa at the airport or border crossing?

a) No
b) Yes, for $50
c) Yes, for $10
(5) Which ethnic group is famous for making carvings?

a) Makonde
b) Luo
c) Kamba
(6) Where would you find an old town?

a) in Mombasa
b) in Nairobi
c) in Eldoret
(7) What is inadvisable?

a) travelling by taxi
b) drinking tap water
c) drinking cold beer
(8) What are the commuter buses and taxis called?

a) "basi"
b) "daladala"
c) "matatu"
(9) How much does a cold beer cost in Nairobi?

a) 50 to 100 Shillings
b) 10 to 20 Shillings
c) 100 to 300 Shillings

Country: Kenya /// Subject: Society/Culture

(1) How many ethnic groups are there?

a) approx. 21.5
b) approx. 120
c) approx. 40
(2) What is the name of the ubiquitous multi-coloured women's wrap-around cloths?

a) konga/chitenge
b) kanga/kitenge
c) kinga/katenge
(3) What do urban inhabitants prepare during banquets?

a) "ugali" with yoghurt
b) rice with chicken
c) cassava with peas
(4) Religions:

a) about 70% Christians, 10% Muslims, etc.
b) about 30% Christians, 30% Muslims, etc.
c) about 10% Christians, 70% Muslims, etc.
(5) The largest ethnic groups are:

a) Luo, Kikuyu, Luhya
b) Luhya, Luo, Kikuyu
c) Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya
(6) What do party-goers mostly do at such events?

a) talking/chatting
b) dancing
c) sitting
(7) Leisure activities in urban areas:

a) going for a walk, cycling, ...
b) playing cards, visiting people, watching TV, ...
c) sleeping, eating, ...
(8) Leisure activities in rural areas:

a) cultivating, watching TV, ...
b) harvesting sweet potatoes, ...
c) going for a walk, visiting people, ...
(9) What are most Kenyans incapable of?

a) dancing
b) to swimming
c) running

Country: Kenya /// Subject: Geography

(1) Neighbouring countries:

a) Sudan, Malawi, Congo, Uganda
b) Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia
c) Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia
(2) Which is the largest province?

a) Coast
b) Uasin Gishu
c) Rift Valley
(3) Surface area in square km:

a) approx. 482,600
b) approx. 582,600
c) approx. 382,600
(4) Is downtown Mombasa an island?

a) No
b) Yes
(5) Where is the Rift Valley?

a) to the east of Nairobi
b) to the east of Mombasa
c) to the west of Nairobi
(6) Which is the highest mountain?

a) Mount Kenya
b) Mount Meru
c) Mount Kilimanjaro
(7) Coastal temperatures (in degrees Centigrade):

a) approx. 30 to 45
b) approx. 12 to 23
c) approx. 25 to 37
(8) Lake in the north:

a) Lake Nakuru
b) Lake Turkana
c) Lake Victoria
(9) Main exports:

a) tea, coffee, ...
b) gold, diamonds, ...
c) cocoa, bananas, ...

Country: Kenya /// Subject: History

(1) When was the first coup attempt staged?

a) in 1977
b) in 1982
c) in 1989
(2) Who was the country's first president?

a) John Kenyatta
b) Jomo Kenyatta
c) Daniel arap Moi
(3) What is Mombasa's former name ?

a) Kongowea
b) Kilindini
c) Mvita
(4) What is the name of the fortress built by the Portuguese in Mombasa?

a) Fort Jesus
b) Mombasa Fort
c) Fort Mvita
(5) Which town is regarded as the "cradle" of Swahili?

a) Mombasa
b) Malindi
c) Lamu
(6) What was the name of the independence struggle by the Kikuyu ethnic group?

a) Mau Mau
b) Mai Mai
c) Maji Maji
(7) When did the first president die?

a) in 1983
b) in 1978
c) in 1980
(8) When was the demise of the first East African Community?

a) in 1996
b) in 1986
c) in 1976
(9) When did Daniel arap Moi become president?

a) in 1978
b) in 1980
c) in 2000