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Country: Tanzania /// Subject: Tourism

(1) What is the most famous national park called?

a) Tsavo
b) Gombe
c) Serengeti
(2) How high is Mt. Kilimanjaro?

a) approx. 4,895 km
b) approx. 5,895 m
c) approx. 6,895 mm
(3) Do Britons require a visa for Tanzania?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Sometimes
(4) Can you obtain a visa on arrival e.g at Dar es Salaam Airport?

a) Yes, for $100
b) Yes, for $50
c) No
(5) Which ethnic group is famous for making carvings?

a) Makonde
b) Nyakyusa
c) Zaramo
(6) Where would you find an old town ?

a) in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar
b) in Arusha and Tanga
c) in Zanzibar
(7) What is inadvisable?

a) travelling by taxi
b) drinking cold beer
c) drinking tap water
(8) What is the emergency telephone number?

a) 002
b) 112
c) 911
(9) What is the museum in Dar-es-Salaam called?

a) "Makumbusho"
b) "Village"
c) "Mambo"

Country: Tanzania /// Subject: Society/Culture

(1) How many ethnic groups are there?

a) approx. 180
b) approx. 120
c) approx. 90
(2) What are the ubiquitous multi-coloured women's wrap-around cloths called?

a) konga/chitenge
b) kinga/kitenga
c) kanga/kitenge
(3) What do urban inhabitants prepare for banquets?

a) rice with chicken
b) "ugali" with beans
c) apple-pies with turnips
(4) Religions:

a) about 50% Christians, 50% Muslims, etc.
b) about 63% Christians, 34% Muslims, etc.
c) about 10% Christians, 70% Muslims, etc.
(5) What is the name of the Swahili music with an Arabic touch?

a) taarab
b) tarab
c) taarub
(6) What do guests mainly do when celebrating parties?

a) speaking/chatting
b) dancing
c) sitting
(7) Leisure activities in urban areas:

a) going for a walk, cycling, ...
b) listening to loud music, visiting people, watching TV, ...
c) sleeping, eating, ...
(8) Pastimes in rural areas:

a) digging, watching TV, ...
b) harvesting finger millet, ...
c) going for a walk, visiting people, ...
(9) What are most Tanzanians incapable of?

a) swimming
b) dancing
c) drinking beer

Country: Tanzania /// Subject: Geography Part I


Geography Part I


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(1) Famous crater
(4) Town on the shores of Lake Tanganyika
(5) Second highest mountain (near Arusha)
(6) island north of Zanzibar island
(7) Town on the south coast
(12) Island with a "queer" name
(13) Neighbouring country to the south-west


(2) Neighbouring country to the north-west
(3) National park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika
(7) Diamonds come from this site
(8) The largest river
(9) City on the southern shores of Lake Victoria
10) Swahili name of "Zanzibar"
(11) National park to the south of Morogoro town
(12) Town in south-west Tanzania

Country: Tanzania /// Subject: Geography Part II

(1) Surface area in square km:

a) approx. 989,000
b) approx. 900,000
c) approx. 945,000
(2) What is the name of the main island of Zanzibar?

a) Unguja
b) Pemba
c) Mafia
(3) What is the railway line from Dar es Salaam to Zambia called?

a) Taraza
b) Tazara
c) Zatara
(4) Which areas have the highest precipitation?

a) Mtwara, Dodoma, Musoma
b) Mbeya, Kilimanjaro, Bukoba
c) Dodoma, Arusha, Kigoma
(5) Longest lake:

a) Lake Victoria
b) Lake Kagera
c) Lake Tanganyika
(6) The headquarters of the "East African Community" is in:

a) Dar es Salaam
b) Arusha
c) Dodoma
(7) Coastal temperatures (in degrees Centigrade):

a) approx. 30 to 45
b) approx. 12 to 23
c) approx. 25 to 37
(8) What is the population of Dar es Salaam?

a) approx. 7 million
b) approx. 3.7 million
c) approx. 2.1 million
(9) Largest lake:

a) Lake Tanganyika
b) Lake Victoria
c) Lake Malawi

Country: Tanzania /// Subject: History

(1) What was the "Maji Maji Rebellion"?

a) a rebellion against German rule in 1895
b) a rebellion against British rule in 1935
c) a rebellion against German rule in 1905

(2) When did they introduce the multi-party system?

a) in 1972
b) in 1990
c) in 1992

(3) Who was the first president?

a) Julius Nyerere
b) John Nyerere
c) Julius Nerere

(4) What was German East Africa?

a) Tanganyika, Rwanda, Burundi
b) Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi
c) Tanganyika, Burundi, Zanzibar
(5) When did Swahili come into being?

a) 7th/8th century B.C.
b) 7th/8th century A.D.
c) 15th/16th century A.D.

(6) What was "Ujamaa Policy"?

a) a kind of socialism
b) a kind of capitalism
c) local government

(7) When was "Ujamaa Policy" proclaimed?

a) in 1968
b) in 1967
c) in 1966

(8) When was the East African Community revived?

a) in 1993
b) in 1999
c) in 2005
(9) When did the first German missionaries arrive?

a) in 1848
b) in 1821
c) in 1905

(10) When did Tanganyika and Zanzibar unite?

a) in 1963
b) in 1961
c) in 1964

(11) Which railway line was built by the British?

a) the Dar es Salaam-Tanga/Arusha line
b) the Central Line: Dar es Salaam-Kigoma/Mwanza
c) the line from Dar es Salaam to Zambia

(12) When did Zanzibar gain independence?

a) in 1964
b) in 1962
c) in 1963

Country: Tanzania /// Subject: Politics/Administration

(1) Who is the incumbent president of Zanzibar:

a) Hussein Ali Mwinyi
b) Ali Mohammed Shein
c) Benjamin Mkapa
(2) Where does the current union president come from?

a) the mainland
b) Zanzibar
c) Pemba
(3) How many regions (read: provinces) are there?

a) 23
b) 15
c) 30
(4) Is "Ujamaa Policy" still being implemented?

a) yes
b) no
c) sort of
(5) How many regions does Zanzibar have?

a) 3
b) 7
c) 5
(6) Does Zanzibar have its own constitution?

a) no
b) yes
c) not really
(7) When will the next general elections take place?

a) in 2025
b) in 2030
c) in 2028
(8) How many regions are there on the mainland (i.e. coterminous Tanzania)?

a) 18
b) 21
c) 26
(9) How often do the elections take place?

a) every 4 years
b) every 5 years
c) every 3 years

Country: Tanzania /// Subject: The Economy

(1) 1 Dollar is approx.

a) 2,200 Shillings
b) 2,300 Shillings
c) 700 Shillings
(2) How many tourists visit Tanzania every year?

a) approx. 1,000,000
b) approx. 600,000
c) approx. 100,000
(3) Main exports:

a) coffee, tea, diamonds, ...
b) gold, cocoa, tobacco, ...
c) millet, coal, cassava, ...
(4) Inflation:

a) approx. 18.3%
b) approx. 4%
c) approx. 10.9%
(5) Zanzibar's main exports:

a) coconuts, millet, ...
b) diamonds, gold, ...
c) cloves, ...
(6) Per capita income:

a) approx. $270
b) approx. $500
c) approx. $2,000
(7) Gold and coal mining areas are:

a) in the north-east
b) in the south-west
c) in Dodoma
(8) National debt (prior to cancellation):

a) approx. $8 billion
b) approx. $10 billion
c) approx. $4 billion
(9) How much does a cold beer cost in Dar es Salaam?

a) 200 to 400 Shillings
b) 500 to 900 Shillings
c) 40 to 75 cents [European]