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Country: Burundi // Subject: General


Quizzes about Burundi

Multiple-choice and short answer questions.


Country: Burundi /// Subject: Society/Culture

(1) Ethnic composition:

a) Tutsi 30%, Hutu 70%, ...
b) Tutsi 10%, Hutu 80%, Nyankole 5%, Twa 5%
c) Tutsi 14%, Hutu 84%, Twa 1%, ...
(2) What are the ubiquitous multi-coloured women's wrap-around cloths called?

a) chitenge
b) igitenge
c) icitenge
(3) What do urban people cook during banquets?

a) potatoes/rice with beans/meat
b) bananas with peas
c) cassava with spinach
(4) Religions:

a) about 25% Christians, 50% Muslims, etc.
b) about 40% Christians 30% Muslims, etc.
c) more than 67% Christians, about 10% Muslims, etc.
(5) Lingua francas:

a) English, Luganda, French, ...
b) Kirundi, French, Swahili, ...
c) French only
(6) What do party-goers mostly do?

a) talk/chat
b) sit
c) dance
(7) Leisure activities in urban areas:

a) visiting people, watching TV, ...
b) going for a walk, cycling, ...
c) sleeping, eating, ...
(8) Leisure activities in rural areas:

a) cultivating, watching TV, ...
b) harvesting millet, ...
c) going for a walk, visiting people, ...
(9) What are most Burundians incapable of?

a) dancing
b) swimming
c) running

Country: Burundi /// Subject: Geography

(1) Area: square km:

a) approx. 23,800
b) approx. 27,800
c) approx. 35,800
(2) Which is the highest mountain?

a) Heha
b) Hoha
c) Hahe
(3) Is there a railway line?

a) only near Bujumbura
b) only in the north
c) no
(4) Is Burundi larger than Rwanda?

a) twice as large
b) a little larger
c) much smaller
(5) Neighbouring countries are:

a) DR Congo, Tanzania, Kenya
b) DR Congo, Uganda, Rwanda
c) DR Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda
(6) How many provinces are there?

a) 16
b) 5
c) 9
(7) Bujumbura is located on the shores of:

a) Lake Victoria
b) Lake Tanganyika
c) Lake Kivu
(8) Main exports:

a) coffee, tea, sugar, ...
b) sisal, cassava, tea, ...
c) gold, diamonds, millet, ...
(9) Temperatures (in degrees Celsius):

a) 30 to 40 degrees
b) 10 to 15 degrees
c) 22 to 30 degrees

Country: Burundi /// Subject: History

(1) When did the country gain independence?

a) on July 1, 1962
b) on August 1, 1962
c) on May 10, 1962
(2) What is Burundi's former name?

a) Tanganyika
b) Usumbura
c) Urundi
(3) What was German East Africa?

a) Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya
b) Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda
c) Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda
(4) When did the first democratic elections take place?

a) in 1993
b) in 1990
c) in 1996
(5) When did Burundi become part of German East Africa?

a) in 1914
b) in 1888
c) in 1895
(6) When did the incumbent president take power?

a) at the end of April 2003
b) at the beginning of April 2003
c) in the middle of March 2003
(7) When did Burundi join the EAC?

a) in 1998
b) in 2003
c) in 2006
(8) Who was the first democratically-elected president?

a) Jean Bizimana
b) Melchior Ndadaye
c) Marcel Ndikumana
(9) Which colonial power replaced the Germans?

a) Belgium
b) France
c) Holland