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Country: DR Congo // Subject: General


Quizzes about Congo

Multiple-choice and short answer questions.


Country: DR Congo /// Subject: Society/Culture

(1) Number of ethnic groups:

a) approx. 800
b) approx. 400
c) approx. 300
(2) What is the name of the ubiquitous multi-coloured women's wrap-around cloths?

a) konga/chitenge
b) kanga/kitenge
c) kinga/katenge
(3) What is "chikwanga"?

a) cloth made of cotton
b) a type of food
c) millet beer
(4) Lingua francas:

a) French, Swahili, Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba
b) English, Swahili, Lingala, Tshiluba
c) French, Kikongo, Portuguese
(5) The largest ethnic groups are:

a) Bangala, Banyamulenge
b) Nande, Lendu
c) Baluba, Bakongo
(6) What do party-goers mostly do at such events?

a) talking/chatting
b) dancing
c) sitting
(7) Leisure activities in urban areas:

a) cycling, working, ...
b) reading, going for a walk, ...
c) dancing, listening to loud music ...
(8) Leisure activities in rural areas:

a) cultivating, watching TV, ...
b) harvesting millet, ...
c) going for a walk, visiting people, ...
(9) What are most Congolese incapable of?

a) dancing
b) swimming
c) running
In Bukavu, DR Congo
In Bukavu, DR Congo

Country: DR Congo /// Subject: Geography

(1) Area in square km:

a) approx. 2,500,000
b) approx. 2,200,000
c) approx. 1, 900, 000
(2) How many time zones are there:

a) three
b) one
c) two
(3) Which volcano is located near the town of Goma in eastern Congo?

a) Nyiragongo
b) Kivu
c) Bukavu
(4) Which is the second largest city?

a) Kisangani
b) Kinshasa
c) Lubumbashi
(5) Main exports:

a) bananas, tea, cocoa, ...
b) copper, coffee, diamonds, ...
c) cobalt, mangoes, groundnuts, ...
(6) What is the population of Kinshasa?

a) approx. 3 million
b) approx. 7 million
c) approx. 5 million
(7) What is the capital of Maniema province?

a) Kindu
b) Kisangani
c) Bukavu
(8) In which countries do they speak Kikongo?

a) DR Congo, Central Africa, Gabon
b) DR Congo, Angola, Congo Brazzaville c) DR Congo, Zambia, Congo Brazzaville
(9) How many neighbouring countries are there?

a) 9
b) 11
c) 7

Country: DR Congo ///Subject: History

(1) Who travelled through Congo in the 19th century on behalf of the Belgian king?

a) Henry Rebmann
b) Henry Morton Stanley
c) David Morton Livingstone
(2) Which province tried to secede in the early sixties?

a) Katanga
b) Kasai
c) Kivu
(3) Kinshasa and Lubumbashi were formerly called:

a) Congoville and Katangaville respectively
b) Léopoldville and Elisabethville respectively
c) Stanleyville and Albertville respectively
(4) Who was the first president?

a) Joseph Mobutu
b) Joseph Kasavubu
c) Patrice Lumumba
(5) Which town was the center of the slave trade?

a) Kisangani
b) Mbandaka
c) Kananga
(6) When did Laurent Kabila take power?

a) in 1976
b) in 1997
c) in 1998
(7) What are the country's former names?

a) Congo-Léopoldville / Zaire
b) Congo-Brazzaville / Zaire
c) Congo-Kinshasa / Zaire
(8) What was Katanga province called between 1971 und 1997?

a) Maniema
b) Shaba
c) Kasai
(9) How long did President Mobutu rule the country?

a) for 32 years
b) for 22 years
c) for 37 years

Country: DR Congo /// Subject: Politics/Administration

(1) Number of provinces (effective 2008):

a) 13 + Kinshasa
b) 18 + Kinshasa
c) 25 + Kinshasa
(2) When did Joseph Kabila take power?

a) in 1997
b) in 2001
c) in 2000
(3) What is the capital of South Kivu province?

a) Lubumbashi
b) Goma
c) Bukavu
(4) How many provinces were there (until 2006) ?

a) 19
b) 11
c) 7
(5) How often do elections take place?

a) every 5 years
b) every 7 years
c) every 4 years
(6) The seat of parliament is in:

a) Kinshasa
b) Lubumbashi
c) Kisangani
(7) What is the capital of Equateur province?

a) Gbadolite
b) Mbandaka
c) Kikwit
(8) Does Kinshasa have the status of a province?

a) No
b) Yes
(9) What is the national language of Lualaba province?

a) Swahili
b) Tshiluba
c) Kikongo