You will experience Africa the way it really is!

We provide crucial information relating to your stay in Africa, because it is imperative to understand the culture and mentality
of your host country in order to live and work with the local people more effectively. Of course we are not talking only
about do's and don'ts. It is even more important to have an insight into the underlying reasons. Our everyday examples make
sure that you will avoid any unnecessary or embarrassing pitfalls. Thus you will do away with stereotypes like:
"Oh! Africans are always unpunctual!"

  • Why don't some people maintain eye contact when talking to you?
  • What is the meaning of: "low-context-cultures" or "high-context cultures"?
  • What is: "particularism"?
  • How can you get people to help you?

Our team consists of qualified trainers experienced in:

  • inter-cultural communication and collaboration
  • communication skills
  • management
  • corporate support
  • life styles
  • ...

The classroom course takes two to five days. However, tailor-made courses are also available. Online courses are always adapted to the client's schedule and are normally accompanied by long-term support if necessary.