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E V E N T S / F U N C T I O N S
E V E N T S / F U N C T I O N S

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February 11 to 13, 2022
African Music Festival in Zanzibar
"Sauti za Busara"
"Sounds of Wisdom"

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(1) East African artist in Germany:
"Ngoma Afrika"
- plays traditional and modern dance music for events and festivals, conducts workshops for children and adults
(Contact us!)

(2) East African hip-hop musician in Germany:
Faiz Mangat -------- www.faizmangat.com

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April 26th
 Tanzanian Union Day [1964]
 June 30th
Congolese Independence Anniversary [1960]
July 1st
Burundian/Rwandan Independence Anniversary [1962]
October 9th
Ugandan Independence Anniversary [1962]
December 12th

Kenyan Independence Anniversary ["Jamhuri Day"] [1963]