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aibu   N/N
ari   N/N
baa   N/N
bahari   N/N
baki, ku-
bara   -/Ma
bati   -/Ma
bima   N/N
buti   -/Ma
cheka, ku-
dai, ku-
fua, ku-
gia   N/N
hara, ku-
hila   N/N
iba, ku-
ibara   N/N
ita, ku-
iva, ku-
kaka   M/Wa
kata, ku-
kati ya
katibu   M/Wa
kisi   N/N
kisia, ku-
kua, ku-
= shame
= zest, liveliness, avidity
= pub, bar
= ocean, sea
= to remain
= mainland, continent
= tin, sheet metal
= insurance
= (car) boot, trunk
= to laugh
= to demand, to claim
= to wash (clothes)
= gear (lever)
= scarce
= living, alive
= to have diarrh(o)ea
= trick, ruse, cunning
= to steal
= paragraph
= to call
= to be cooked
= brother
= fast, rapidly, speed
= to cut
= between
= secretary
= quantity
= shoe
= incident, reason
= (a) kiss
= to estimate
= thirst
= to grow [of a child etc]
kucha,   (-/Ma)
lia, ku-
mbia   M/Wa
misa   N/N
pafu   -/Ma
pua   N/N
raba   N/N
raha   N/N
riba   N/N
siki   N/N
sikia, ku-
taa   N/N
tabu   N/N
tai   N/N
tia, ku-
tiba   N/N
tibu, ku-
tii, ku-
tikisa, ku-
tua, ku-
ua   -/Ma, U, ku-
uzi   U
uzia, ku-
uzwa, ku-
vaa, ku-
zidi, ku-
ziwa   -/Ma
zuia, ku-
= fingernail, to dawn
= to cry, to sound
= (business) partner
= bone
= church service, mass
= pillow, river
= "I'm eating"
= slipper
= lung
= nose
= rubber shoe, eraser, rubber
= comfort
= interest (%)
= vinegar
= to hear
= lamp, light
= suffering, plight, discomfort
= necktie, eagle
= to insert
= medical treatment
= to treat (medically), to heal
= to obey
= to shake [vt]
= to land (aircraft)
= flower, backyard, to kill
= thread (textile)
= to sell sth. to somebody
= to be sold
= to wear, to put on
= open (not closed)
= to surpass, to increase
= lake
= to prevent


Tier 3: Very Advanced
Subject: Multiple Anagrams

Example: "nane" = 8; Thus meaningful anagrams are: nne = 4 ///// na = and, with ---- Write the anagrams and then press "Enter" (once) after each word! The verb infinitives can be written with or without "ku-"! Extremely rare anagrams have been excluded and are thus wrong! (This exercise only functions on Internet Explorer 5.5 or above!)

Given: Number of anagrams:

Write only one anagram in each line in the window on the left.!